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Research & Development

R & D

The Research and Development sector (R & D) is part of the IT, GIS, Earth Observation and GNSS Applications Department of GEOTOPOS S.A. The R & D sector undertakes all research and development tasks that arise during the progress of the Department’s projects.

The projects carried out by the R & D sector involve a wide spectrum of scientific fields which have in common their pioneering nature and the introduction of highly innovative ideas with the use of cutting-edge technology and forward-looking analysis.

The most recent examples of the ground-breaking character of R & D are:

  • The project EGNOS Performance In South Latitudes (EPISOL)” for analysing, testing and validating the EGNOS performance and limitations in the Aegean Sea. (paper)

  • The Development of a) a Method for estimating road traffic conditions using Floating Car Data Technology and b) an algorithm for dynamic navigation of vehicles.

  • "Advanced Earth Observation techniques for monitoring and protection of forest and other terrestrial ecosystems" (General Secretariat for Research and Technology). The project builds a network of companies, universities and research organisations in Greece for providing education and training for new technologies to scientists specialised in environment’s protection.

  • Development of GEO-Guide platform

  • The "Eye in the Sky" project

  • Development of the Athens GIS. The Geographic Information System of the region of Athens contained, apart from the usual mapping information, a variety of additional data, mostly related to traffic and transportation, such as number of street lanes, traffic lights etc.

  • Control of area-based arable and forage subsidies using Remote Sensing in the framework of the European Commission’s MARS Project (Activity F) for the prefecture of Trikala

  • "Energy Efficiency of Urban Road Pricing Investigation in Capitals of Europe". (EUROPRICE)

Presently, the Sector is very interested and has been very active in the synergy of geo-information and satellite positioning technology to develop location-based applications and services as well as towards Space Related activities  in these areas such as:

-  Earth observation: manipulation and processing of satellite and aerial imagery for developing mapping / cartographic products and applications

-  Satellite positioning: usage of space signal for mapping / cartographic applications

- R & D of innovative applications based on the convergence of space sector, communication, earth observation and satellite positioning  

-  Development of GNSS based applications (EGNOS, Galileo)

-  Provision of geo-location services.


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"Eye in the Sky" Project
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"Method for Estimating road traffic conditions"

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