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IT, GIS, Earth Observation and GNSS Applications

The IT, GIS, Earth Observation and GNSS Applications Department undertakes all the projects related to IT, GIS, Earth Observation and GNSS. It manages all the IT needs of the company and its projects; it develops, utilizes and manages GIS and Earth Observation applications; it is also active in GNSS technologies and applications. The Department includes the Research & Development sector (R & D sector) of the company which also engages in numerous projects.

Areas of applications

  • GIS - Earth Observation - Digital Mapping

  • GNSS Applications (GPS, EGNOS, GALILEO)

  • Geo-information

  • Space based applications


  • GEO-Guide is an information provision system related to the user’s location (Location Based Service – LBS)

  • “Eye in the Sky” (European Commission, IST Programme). Project coordination, GIS for Athens development, responsible for the dissemination of the results and products.

  • Development of the Athens GIS. The Geographic Information System of the region of Athens contained, apart from the usual mapping information, a variety of additional data, mostly related to traffic and transportation, such as number of street lanes, traffic lights etc.

  • Control of area based arable and forage subsidies using Remote Sensing in the framework of the European Commission’s MARS Project (Activity F) for the prefecture of Trikala.

  • Drawing-up of digital maps in the framework of the Hellenic Cadastre Project for the Municipalities of Elefsina (prefecture of Attica) (In cooperation with the Cadastral Studies and Urban Study Implementation Acts Department.)

  • Study for the Attica Road (in proximity to the new Athens airport) using GPS technology (In cooperation with the Topography Department.)

  • Traffic planning study for the commercial centre of Municipality of Chalandri (Athens) using GIS systems.

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  • European Commission

  • Hellenic Ministry of Agriculture

  • Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works

  • Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organization (HEMCO)

  • Hellenic Ministry of Transportation & Communica-tions

  • Hellenic Ministry of Culture

  • Local Authorities Organizations (Municipalities, Communities)



IT, GIS, Earth Observation and GNSS Applications


Cadastral Studies and Urban Study Implementation Acts