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The Topography Department of Geotopos S.A. engages in all aspects of surveying and geodesy. The company entirely undertakes surveying and geodesy projects  from the preliminary field work to the final production stage. The projects include land surveying, staking out, monitoring, precision measurements, etc.

Geotopos S.A. uses state-of-the-art equipment and methods in order to carry out the projects both in the field as well as during the data processing.

Areas of applications

  • Surveying - Geodesy

  • Stake out - Control Points - Triangulations

  • Construction support


  • Study for the Attica Road (in proximity to the new Athens airport) using GPS technology (For the Consortium of Attica Road - Hellenic Ministry of  Environment). This project included: establishment of a triangulation network using GPS measurements, digitisation of existing maps, design and development of a GIS database. (In cooperation with the IT, GIS, Earth Observation and GNSS Applications Department.)

The Topography Department carries out all the topographic work of the company. It cooperates with all the other Departments by providing topographic support in every project and handles most of the field work. It provides the cartographic background for other projects.


  • Local Authorities Organizations (Municipalities, Communities).

  • Hellenic Ministry of  Environment




Cadastral Studies and Urban Study Implementation Acts