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GEOTOPOS S.A. is an independent study company. It has carried out studies and projects for the Hellenic Central and Rural Authorities, Local Authorities Organisations, Public and Private Companies and European Union Institutes. The company is involved in Cadastral, Topographical, Road Planning and Construction Studies, Geographical and Land Information Systems applications, Digital Mapping and Photogrammetry, Earth Observation and Integrated GNSS applications
GEOTOPOS S.A. was founded in April 1994 under the name "TOPOS Ltd. - Engineering Consultants". In the year 2000 the company name was changed to GEOTOPOS S.A. The primary objective of the company is the formation of an integrated work unit capable of undertaking a variety of tasks such as:
a. Studies for the Greek Government, Local Government administrations such as Municipalities, Prefectures, Institutions of Public Law, Public Interest Companies
b. Development of new technological know-how to improve quality of work
c. Consulting to Public and Private Companies regarding topographical, transportation, cadastral and urban planning studies
d. Provide cutting-edge technological applications based on the integration of geo-information, GIS and satellite positioning technologies
As the company considers technological know-how and human resource management according to areas of expertise, to be the most important factors in the successful completion of any kind of study or project, it has been organised in four departments. These departments are the Traffic and Transportation Department, the I.T., GIS, Earth Observation and GNSS Applications Department, the Topography Department and the Cadastral Studies and Urban Study Implementation Acts Department. This structure according to area of expertise enables timely completion of all project work without compromising quality.
In its continuous effort to offer services of the highest quality, the company has recently decided to incorporate quality assurance procedures which comply to the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System and consequently to be certified by an accredited organisation such as the Hellenic Standardisation Organisation.

The Company participates with a rate of 25% in the share of Geosynthesis S.A.. Geosynthesis S.A. specializes in the planning, design, and implementation of custom, enterprise-level information systems to support spatial data analysis and decision-making needs.