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GEO-Guide is an information provision system related to the user’s location (Location Based Service – LBS) which is designed for the inhabitants as well as for visitors of the city of Athens who require access to geoinformation data whilst on the move. The areas of information available to the users refer to emergency information, as well as tourist and leisure information.

The user’s access with the information database is achieved with the use of a palmtop computer (PDA). The user’s location is determined using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) (currently using GPS but can be extended to the use of future systems, EGNOS, Galileo) while the connection with the Centre for acquiring information is achieved via mobile communications networks (GSM / GPRS). A Geographic Information System (GIS) is set up at the Centre, which contains all the required information and can supply them to the users.


GEO-Guide offers two kinds of services which are available to the user and are related to geoinformation. These are:

 ·          Location of Specific Point of Interest (Where is…)

With this service the user can request the location of a specific Point of Interest (POI) (e.g. Museum) from the available categories by name. The system locates the requested POI and automatically creates a map of the area of interest including all the necessary information in order for the user to orient him self. The generated map is finally sent from the Centre to the user’s palmtop through the communication network.

 ·          Location of Nearest Point of Interest (Nearest…)

With this service the user can request the location of the nearest to him POI (e.g. Hospital). The system returns the requested information based on the position of the user which is determined by his GPS coordinates. Again an appropriate map is created and sent to the user showing his current position and the position of the nearest POI that meets his request.


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