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Programme "Eye in the Sky"  

"Eye in the Sky" is a research project funded by DG INFSO that contributes to the development of a European Intelligent Transport Infrastructure. The project aims to develop a number of services based on the synergy of surveillance, communications and digital mapping technologies. The project's main objective is to provide commercially viable integrated solutions addressing issues of traffic monitoring, fleet management, customized mobility information and emergency services support for the better organization of large scale events. The test area of the proposed services is the sky and city of Athens, which will host the 2004 Olympic Games.
"Eye in the Sky" is a Project carried out by an interdisciplinary partnership of companies, agencies and research institutions.
The first set of services addresses Traffic Monitoring, Fleet Management and Customized Mobility Information issues. In concept, Floating Car Data are collected and transmitted via terrestrial mobile communication networks to a central processing centre. State-of-the-art algorithms are applied and traffic flow is calculated for the road network. In parallel, high-resolution digital imagery collected from a camera on-board a helicopter complements the traffic data. Integration of optical and FCD data provides traffic information of superior quality. This approach forms the base on which Fleet Management Services and Mobility Information Services are developed.
The second set of services addresses Emergency Services Support issues. A camera on board a helicopter provides reliable visual information of the selected areas in a crisis situation. Independent communication equipment on-board a helicopter provides uninterrupted, reliable 2-way communications to Public Authorities and Emergency Response Teams. Thus the helicopter with its diverse payload configuration becomes a very powerful tool assisting Authorities in the decision making process in the time of crises.
GEOTOPOS S.A. is the project coordinator and is responsible for the development of a GIS for Athens, the organisation of the system Demonstration in Athens and the promotion of the results and products of the project.